Missed You

by Harry B. Sanderford

Luke reached down and switched on the pickup’s radio, erectile dysfunction effects one in... cringed and gave the knob a twist, MY MONEY, MY BITCHES, MY... then one more again half-spin... take another little piece of my heart now Bay-Bee! Janice worked for him, he gave a sideways glance and detecting no objection, thumbed the volume up a touch. Returning his attention to the road Luke was dumbfounded to see illuminated in his headlights what appeared to be an Indian brave in buckskin and war-paint, clutching the reins of his rearing pinto in one fist and thrusting his befeathered lance into the night with the other. The truck bore down fast, in the time it took Luke to move his foot from the accelerator to the brake they were nearly upon the wayward warrior. Lightning flashed and Luke braked hard yanking the wheel right and avoiding a collision so narrowly he made eye contact with the now electric brave. Even as he fought for control of the careening vehicle Luke’s mind etched a surreal image of the warrior on horseback, his lips peeled back in the gaping grimace of his war-cry, "..Whaa-Hah uh TAKE IT!.."


Harry B. Sanderford, whose full catalog is here, is a Central Florida surfing cowboy who'd sooner spin yarns than mend fences.