Looking at You

by Sathyanarayanan Chandrasekar

You have reached the same junction, the ticker is at thirty two, and there is a red light; your head moves upwards to that billboard standing above that nondescript building, and she's staring into your eyes. She seems to be asking a question, you try a bold face and try to look into her eyes, you can't. You don't have an answer. You can't look away. You bow your head, and wait for the thirty one seconds that remain. The next junction would be a different story, you tell yourself.


Sathyanarayanan Chandrasekar is a coding monkey, working out of Bangalore. He rues the large number of trees being chopped down in Bangalore in the name of road expansion, and the number of characters wasted on spelling his name. Left to himself he would want to be referred to as the "Kaiser." He blogs here.