The Hobo

by Zulema Flores

Lying out on the street, with nowhere to go. The old man would stare as people tried to walk around him. He caught the eye of a little girl, who immediately ran up to him to give him a hug. As mom tried to pull her back, tears ran down the old man’s face. He remembered at once what it was like to have a family. Too bad his gambling took him to where he’s at, and with no way of turning back.


Zulema Flores is a student at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon.


Joe said...

Wow, nice one. Good underlying themes and one that shines a light on a subject most people would rather keep in the dark. Nicely done. Impressive.

Madam Z said...

Sweet little girl, sad old man. Only the casinos come out ahead.

Good story, Zulema.