Hanging Up Laundry

by Irene Sieders

It was supposed to rain yesterday, but it actually turned out to be not such a bad day and I was able to hang up the laundry to dry outside for the first time in a long time. When I went outside, all the animals came with me and they acted like they were a bunch of little children on a school outing. It was as if they had not been outside all winter. The cats took up strategic positions on various items on the patio and watched me at work and Jesker peed on everything that was somehow connected to the earth. It seems that we are a united group and that we must all move in unison and do all things together. When I was done hanging up the laundry, the whole herd followed me back inside and we all went to sleep on the king-sized bed together.


Irene Sieders, whose website is here, is a Dutch woman living in the Netherlands. She's an amateur writer, a housewife, an English literature reader, a daily blogger, and a dog walker.