Grandma's Shrinking!

by Lynn Johnson

The day dawned bright with deep blue skies and the sun got hotter and hotter as we packed bags and took a family picnic to The Common. We walked for miles and miles with cups and plates, sandwiches and cakes and lots of other things I can’t remember because I was only six. Grandma decided to come with us and we were all excited because we hadn’t seen her for ages and ages. She told me that I was becoming quite a young lady now that I was six and helped me to make daisy chains and we picked buttercups to place under our chins to see if we would ever get married, and all sorts of other things. It was one of the best days I could remember but also one of the saddest too because when I got home I rushed to my bedroom and sobbed and sobbed and my mother was very concerned about me. It took me ages to build myself up to tell her that Grandma was shrinking and to ask whether it happened to all old people before they die.


Lynn Johnson has been living in Scotland for nearly three years and has finally found the time to write. She's the author of Waiting.