Girl Scout Gumption

by T.C.W. Stray

Susie Darleen Everett had often been described as "enterprising and delightful" by the elderly folks of Crested Ridge, the ones she preyed on with her upbeat cookie-selling wiles. She was the best in her Girl Scout troop at finding victims, the most successful at selling cookies. Much to the chagrin of the other Scouts and their mothers, she was so enterprising and delightful that she could even sell boxes of damaged cookies. One time, about a year ago, an entire shipment of Thin Mints arrived smashed and worthless - but Susie just bought some vanilla ice cream and made Thin Mint Sundaes at five dollars per dish. The total amount raised was over three thousand dollars, more than enough for any three Scouts to go to Disney World. What Susie forgot, though, is that most of her customers at Crested Ridge were on strict diets or diabetic.


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