Dream Love

by Genevieve Short-Hamiwka

I first saw and felt her in a dream, beautiful, soft and filled with love. It wasn’t until years later, when she looked up at me from the floor, where she sat, sprawled out with her dolls, that I realized it was her. Love that surpassed my wildest dreams, mostly only felt in dreams, was right in front of me. I was living it day in and day out now. She was making my dreams an every day reality. It will be this way for many years until the time comes for her to leave me, but never my heart.


Genevieve Short-Hamiwka enjoys a "healthy living" lifestyle with her family, including her dogs, Oreo (the cookie) and Bambi (the deer). One of Genevieve's many passions is writing - she's presently working on her first book about emotional healing.