Damned If You Do

by David Gianatasio

What's that scraping sound outside? I'm probably safer in here, but I can't stand it: I'm riddled with angst and the need to know. So I climb into my heaviest coat, work gloves and knee-high boots, grab my Louisville Slugger and take a deep, bracing breath. I open the door and quickly step out into the moonless night; damn, I can't see a thing, better go back for a flashlight... What was that? What's that scraping sound coming from inside the house?


David Gianatasio's first book of fiction and commentary, Swift Kicks, was published last year by So New Publishing. His full 6S catalog is here.


Joe said...

Wow, that was good. Love the suspense in the minimal amount of words. Very believable. Good job!

Madam Z said...

I agree with Joe! Now I'm afraid to go inside OR outside!

Baby Island said...

Catching up here with sixes and OH MY, I like this, short and sweet!

Now, I am more than likely to wake up several times tonight thinking about noises... Great job.