Always an Excuse

by Debbie Mason

He is moody and aloof only because he’s a loner and prefers to be by himself. He grunts and scowls at the paperboy and mutters obscenities under his breath at the postman, but he means well. His verbal belittling and chastisement of neighbors are an indication only that he’s simply misunderstood. His sudden, angry outbursts frighten and intimidate the patrons at Willie’s Bar, but he’s never actually hurt anybody. The folks in the small town make excuses for his intimidating behavior and lack of civility, but they never mention the war. He’s not a bad guy, they say, just misguided.


Debbie Mason works and writes in southwest Ohio, but dreams further away. She enjoys high mountains, stony creeks, and bluegrass music. She does not enjoy idiots who take more than 15 items into the 15 items or less lane. She blogs here, and her poetry will appear soon in Illuminati and fragments.


Joe said...

Very interesting story. Well done. Look forward to more of your work.

Anonymous said...

Another piece I've enjoyed reading of yours. Keep them coming.


Madam Z said...

He sounds like a smouldering bomb, which will eventually blow. Good description of a man whose story is probably being repeated every day, as vets return from war.