100 Years

by G.M. Hakim

Peanuts, getcha peanuts, beah heah, BEAH HEAH! Ahh, the tantalizing sounds of spring, when the world begins to awaken, the plants start to bloom, and life starts anew. And there is baseball, mirroring the seasons, coming alive in the spring, with the roar of the crowd, the crunch of peanut shells underfoot, and the crack of the bat echoing throughout the park. Just as spring gives us hope for the new year, baseball provides a welcome respite from the doldrums of ordinary life, and carries us through the long, hot summer. But we know that all things must come to pass, and we are aware that a few months from now, the autumn chill will set in, and we'll prepare ourselves for the long haul of another winter, though we'll still have the memories of the summer to carry us through. Baseball does that: it gives us hope, provides lasting memories, and helps us all relax - all of us, that is, except Cubs fans.


G.M. Hakim is a middle school English, Journalism, and Drama teacher who LOVES baseball, and would be a Cubs fan if the Mets ever disbanded. He was just too young to remember the Mets' last World Series title, but not young enough to say they've never won during his lifetime. As a result, he's pessimistic about their chances every year, except this one! You can read and practice your writing skills at his writing blogs: Five Word Monologues and If A, Then B.


Teresa said...

I'm a big Cubs fan ... and a Brewers fan, though I was a Reds fan as a child. Of course, there's a story behind that -- maybe I'll turn it into a 6S one day.

I'll pull for the Mets if it doesn't hurt one of my teams. I'm married to a Phillies fan, but I never pull for them unless they're playing the Braves or the Astros.

Can you tell I'm a baseball fan that doesn't live in a city (or state) with a ML team?

Christy Bear Photography said...

Beautifully written! I'll look forward to reading more in the future.