The Six Stones

by E.K. Hornbeck

Six delightful very small stones blew this way and that way along the road in the wind of the passing cars and trucks, but they managed to stay very much together and discussed how truly wonderful it was to finally be free. They laughed and bounced about and the laughter made their little eyes close; how fun. They had been confined in sediment under a mountain for what felt like millions of years and only recently had they been liberated by some crazy giant growling smoking orange toothy something that did not look like a stone at all. (What was that thing?!) After some time, the six delightful very small stones settled down and began to talk in hushed but excited tones about how they wanted to spend the next million or so years, and they all said that if everything went well, they would almost certainly travel the whole wide world and meet other small friendly stones and see things that they had never seen. All this happened in the very short time before a very heavy paving machine came by and squashed them down into the new asphalt where they suffocated and died; poor little stones!


E.K. Hornbeck fights the good fight here.