Plateosaurus's Birthday

by B.K. McDonald

Feeling heady from the bottle of Burgundy I drank with dinner, I was playing silly games with my first born this evening. We were pretending to be dinosaurs, and today was Plateosaurus's birthday. "Blow out the candles," I said to the late Triassic creature... "Bfffpth." "Did you make a wish?" "Yes, I wished for a real, live puppy dog," replied the plateosaurid prosauropod dinosaur. I marveled over a creature that could wish for something 200 million years into the future.


B.K. McDonald, a writer and urban designer, is a lover of food, wine and word. He's been published in various journals, has a book coming out this Fall, and is currently living in America's Heartland, along America's River, drowning in a sea of corn, suffocating amidst an air of mediocrity. He is the author of The Shoemaker.


Leatherdykeuk said...

What an odd, but utterly charming, story.

Jim said...

Good stuff.

Joe said...

This is just so good on so many levels. Excellent ending.

Anonymous said...

Makes more sense than I who wish things in the past.

oceana setaysha said...

I liked this...
It made me laugh