Picnic with My Lover

by Gienah

"Don't be so uptight, the Victorians did this all the time," I told him, and though I wasn't looking at him, I knew he was cringing. The idea of munching potato salad while sitting six feet directly over someone's worm-holed remains must've horrified him, but I delighted in the concept. "It's so peaceful, no one will bother us here, and besides," I said with a smirk, “I wouldn't want the dead to be lonely." His silence told me he was still upset with me. I told him for the hundredth time, "I had to put you in here, it was the only way I’d ever get to spend time with you!" His engraved name stared at me accusingly, and all the tearful "I love you"s in the world wouldn't bring him back to forgive me.


Gienah is rather obsessed with her boyfriend, and has often worried that he will never have time for her unless he's pushing up a lovely bunch of daisies. Still, she wouldn't really want to put him in the boneyard... yet.