Pee Song

by Tommy Hall

Do you ever feel like someone is always watching you? The creepy feeling of eyes always fixed on you? Gives you that kind of feeling that keeps you from peeing when you're in the mens room and you end up having to sing your "pee song" to get you going? Yeah, I never get that feeling. That would be insane if I did. If you get that feeling you may want to get some real help, 'cause it sounds like you have a serious problem.


Tommy Hall lives in a small town. He has to sneak-watch Family Guy because his wife thinks it's porn. He's a youth pastor, and enjoys a good beer once in awhile.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Love it.

I haven't had that feeling since I stopped being (a) Christian or (b) paranoid.

Melody said...

at Tommy and Rachel.

God said...

Pee songs catch my attention. If you don't want me to watch, don't put on a show.

Baby Island said...

This is very funny. The comments are almost as good!


kevin said...

First, I thought someone FINALLY understood me. Then I got bitchslapped!

Great six!

Anonymous said...

Hey, God posted here. That's pretty cool.

Tommy said...

honestly, i some times feel like i am being watched in the mall bathroom. :)
thank you for your comments.