Open Letter to All You Sixers

by Erik Leif Nelson

Stop with the semicolons. The ellipses. The dashes. You are the people who sneak sixteen items into express lanes; you give exact change to cashiers, no matter how long you must dig in your purse - you are not fooling anyone. Short... sharp... sweet... a suggestive slap from the girl you wish to seduce: that's the sex in the six. Or at least how it should be.


Erik Leif Nelson, author of Blue to Renew the Chosen Few, has just completed his first novel, "Safe Until She Looked Down," and needs an agent. (You can read the first three chapters here). He has two degrees from the UW-Madison (which he doesn't use). He prefers Jameson, Export A's, Harley's, and blondes. Most of his heroes are dead.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Good point.
Guilty as charged.

Adam J. Whitlatch said...

Guilty as charged and PROUD. Writing sixes is art... and I'm not content to just finger paint.

Oh, and congratulations on your artful use of *semicolons*, *ellipses*, and *dashes*.

reynolds said...

Funny bit, but I'm with Adam. The beauty of the 6S format is its complete openness to interpretation.

Quin Browne said...

am i bovvered? do i look bovvered? are you calling my dots names? are you casting doubt upon my dashes? well, i'm not bovvered.

and i prefer a good single malt from the highlands, thanks!

ps you made me laugh

Kevin Michaels said...

Well written and funny. Nothing wrong with a few dashes and semi-colons.....if I can only figure out a way of maximizing paranthesis in my sixes I'd be two steps closer to heaven.

Darcy said...

Where would Dickens have been?!?

Mercury said...

So true, I am guilty of squeezing as much as I can out of six sentences, even with run ons that would have all my language arts teachers performing complex acrobatics in their graves.

spacedlaw said...

And where is Marcel Proust when you need him (a six sentences story from him might have extended over 9 or 10 pages...)?
I hereby promise that my next story shall be as short as you are advocating.

Anonymous said...

Dear Erik:
Get Bent!
Okay, I'm guilty; but that doesn't mean I'm a:
You've got to slow down, take your time, R - E - L - A - X; catch "my drift?"
Oh, by the way, I love using all those little thingies--it makes me feel like I lied, cheated and fooled you!

:-) caccy46

Baby Island said...

How did I miss this? Awesome and funny! It's something that drives me insane, but it's a love hate relationship here at 6S for me. I think I am simply jealous of how some of the more prolific writers are able to get so much in just 6 sentences! Sigh..