Open Letter to All You Sixers

by Erik Leif Nelson

Stop with the semicolons. The ellipses. The dashes. You are the people who sneak sixteen items into express lanes; you give exact change to cashiers, no matter how long you must dig in your purse - you are not fooling anyone. Short... sharp... sweet... a suggestive slap from the girl you wish to seduce: that's the sex in the six. Or at least how it should be.


Erik Leif Nelson, author of Blue to Renew the Chosen Few, has just completed his first novel, "Safe Until She Looked Down," and needs an agent. (You can read the first three chapters here). He has two degrees from the UW-Madison (which he doesn't use). He prefers Jameson, Export A's, Harley's, and blondes. Most of his heroes are dead.