by Belinda Furby

I dream big, Technicolor, amazing dreams full of exciting adventures and beautiful romances. Waking, I lie very, very still and try to remember all the dreamy details – details that I want to hold, to muse over, to crack open and dig out the meat hidden inside. Sadly, the dreams dart away as soon as I try to catch them like minnows in a shallow pond. Left alone, they swim lazily around as I lean over the murky water. Impatient, I plunge my hand into the pond and the dreams swirl and spin and speed away from me – elusive, hiding. But sometimes, if I am very careful and move very slowly, I can kneel on the pond’s grassy edge, cautiously slip my hand into the dream water, and capture a minnow or two.


Belinda Furby, whose full catalog is here, dreams in North Carolina. You can read more at her blog, Upside Down Bee.