Machine for Love

by Grace Andreacchi

In his flat in East Berlin the furniture was all of dark blue leather, the sun came in through stained glass and made red and yellow diamonds on the polished wooden floor. There were books that no one had ever read, and indeterminate glass objects, and shiny black machines for listening and watching. "They ought to make a machine for love," I said. "A machine that would love you, and always do whatever you want it to." "What would it look like?" he said. Like you, it would look like you.


Grace Andreacchi, author of Berlin Moment, was born in New York in 1954, but has lived on the far side of the great ocean for many years - sometimes in Paris, sometimes Berlin, and nowadays in London. Works include the novels Give My Heart Ease (Permanent Press 1989), which received the New American Writing Award, and Music for Glass Orchestra (Serpent’s Tail 1993), the play Vegetable Medley (Soho Repertory Theater, New York and Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Massachusetts), as well as numerous short stories and collections of poetry. Additional work can be viewed on her website.