Le Monde Francophone

by Jenny Gately

Judy Chen spoke fluent French and, in the end, that was what mattered. Also, I guess, there was the fact that she lived in California, and coupled with the French thing, it made her overall more cosmopolitan. I was staring up at the cracks in the ceiling, thinking about this poster we had to memorize in seventh grade Geography that said "Le Monde Francophone" at the top in big, stupid French letters, and you were detailing the virtues of Judy Chen. "We just have so much in common," you said, three, maybe four times. "So do we," I finally responded, and then I knew what you'd say next - "I know, you know, she actually really of reminds me of you." And so, somewhere along the thousands of miles of telephone wire between us, I lost you to some other, closer, French-speaking version of myself.


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