Layer Cake

by Mercury

I used to think that people had layers. The cleverer, deeper people had a lot more layers, more density, to their brains and the less intelligent people only had about five layers, five levels of thought. Then I met Jen. Hours of worry over her, her stupidity, she will get into trouble some day, why doesn't she understand, and then those rare moments of complete clarity when she understands so much more then I ever will and I realize that everyone has the same amount of layers now. Some are just subtler. This does not mean I will never lose my patience with her again, never snap at her for talking to us like we're four and putting guys over us, but it puts a different spin on how everyone views everyone else, smacking labels on them like they can see all of them at once, when really you are just looking at one layer of the complex cake that is a person.


Mercury, author of Size Zero, is absolutely fascinated with how people view other people, especially when they are viewing her.