by Lucian Janik

What song was playing in the diner when I walked up to Dr. Eckman and punched him in the nose? He fell onto the table knocking the coffee and toast to the floor. The crash of china startled all the patrons and the hostess called the police. How I enjoyed the stupid look on Dr. Eckman's face, the blood trickling from his nostril. What was the song? It was three days later when I was driving on the turnpike that I finally remembered - Delta Dawn.


Lucian Janik made a speech at his eighth grade graduation and students hissed at him. True story.


Leatherdykeuk said...

And he'll never forget that detail.

Interesting 6. It made me think in moments. Thanks.

Tom said...

Songs always have memories for me also. I tend to remember events by the songs that were popular at that time.
Tom C

Ian said...

Yep, there's a song that will drive anyone to violence. Nice Six, enjoyed it.