An Immoderate Upbringing

by Laura Harrison

When I was about seven my father found an egg-coddler in the china hutch, and we all had coddled eggs for breakfast for weeks. My younger sister was very excited about the coddled eggs, and, as it turned out, eggs in general, so after the coddled ones, we had them baked or poached. It lasted a few months, I believe, and then it was over. My father and sister say they don't remember this at all and want to know why I make these things up. My mother would probably like me to mention that she had no part in this, and that's true. She's not much for these familial trends; she sticks with what she likes and doesn't let go no matter how far she has to drive for a can of butter beans.


Laura Harrison isn't sure if a short bio can describe her better than this story does.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Fascinating memory

Demon Hamster said...

Great piece. I love stories where a person's (or family's) life is taken a bit off track by something seemingly mundane. The bit about driving for beans at the end is perfect.

Louise said...

Fun piece; but the bio, touche!

Quin Browne said...

interesting how we each remember different parts of the same life.

nice piece.