Hot Pink Toes

by Lizzy Tish

A girl with long brown hair rests in the shade of a palm, absentmindedly squishing the sand around her feet. Her name is whispered in the ocean's gasp, the wind tousles her hair with a lazy twirl and the sun warms her newly painted hot pink toes. Where does the sky end and the sea begin; there is so much purple and blue she cannot decide. The girl with long brown hair will pass through the Bubble Room when she¹s finished her search for Neptune; a cocktail to celebrate summer - or just to rejoice in her newly painted hot pink toes; the color reminding her of cotton candy she once had. Her bag is heavy with seashells and sand; Captiva is lulling her to sleep, so maybe later. Today, periwinkle is her favorite color.


Lizzy Tish is a Graphic Designer living not too far from NYC. She occupies her time with music and creative pursuits of many kinds.