For the Love of Writing

by Louise Yeiser

So many words are added in, then taken out, that my sentences feel as if I'm shuffling and reshuffling a deck of cards, or playing pick-up sticks with nouns and verbs, phrases and clauses, or attempting to complete a puzzle by pushing a piece into an empty space and then examining the whole picture from a distance. I try the words on for size, turn them this way and that, say them in different voices and buy or discard them. One single word can change the tone and rhythm of an entire piece. I am enamored with the process — bathing in words, swimming in words, flying in words — trying to make them stand still for me, when they are fluid and active and always changing. I'll never completely capture them and I'll never completely stop trying. Therein lies the challenge.


Louise Yeiser, whose full catalog is here, is a freelance writer, living, working and breathing in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. She always offers Sneak Peeks.