6 Cool Benefits of the 6S Newsletter

by Robert McEvily

It’s totally free. It offers original sixes not available on the site. It puts you in touch with likeminded writers and artists. It gives you exclusive news about contests, prizes, giveaways, videos, and podcasts. It will motivate you to stick to your writing plans and get stuff done. It feels like great sex (seriously – it does)!


Robert McEvily is the creator and editor of Six Sentences. If you don’t believe him about the great sex, see for yourself – join now! Just enter your email address in the box on the upper right of the site and click 6S!


natasha said...
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Adam J. Whitlatch said...

Just be sure to practice "Safe Six."


natasha said...


Since I began submitting to 6S and receiving their newsletter I've had the best sex ever. Yes, really.

Okay not true, but it did cure me of a mild case of writer's block.


Madam Z said...

Well Robert, I've had some pretty great sex in my time, and it never had anything to do with anything I saw on a computer screen, so I must admit I'm a bit skeptical. But you've done some amazing things with Six Sentences, so I will withhold judgement. I have joined the fray, and eagerly await the promised results.

Catherine said...

How can one pass up such a guarantee?! Signing up now - and working on my first submission. Cat

Anonymous said...

I believe everything Rob tells me, but I wish I could figure out how to post comments non-anon as it were. The password I came up with never seems to work. ~Jennifer

Robert McEvily said...

Hi Jennifer,

Do you see a "Name/URL" option when you go to post? If yes, choose that option and enter your name in the text box...

Let me know if it works!