The Willing and Able

by Madam Z

The people I admire most are those who are smarter, stronger and braver than most of us are. I admire scientists and engineers, because they are able to work their brains, studying, calculating, inventing and designing everything from roads to rockets; everything that makes our pampered modern lifestyle possible. I admire laborers, because they are willing and able to work their bodies, sweating and straining, interpreting and building everything from roads to rockets, because without them, the engineers’ plans would never be realized. I admire the farmers, because they are willing to work their brains and their brawn, sweating in the fields and in the bank, risking everything in a poker game with Mother Nature - without them, we wouldn’t eat. I admire the courageous police, firefighters and soldiers who are willing to risk their life and limb to protect the rest of us, because without them, we would never feel safe. And, I admire the medical professionals, who, in spite of the ever-present danger of having their asses sued off, are still willing and able to care for the sick and injured; if not for them, I couldn’t admire anyone, because I’d be dead and gone.


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