by Z.W.

Turbulence can mean a rough spot in the air. Or, to others, a rough spot in your life. Turbulence can throw you off course and make you feel unloved. It can make you feel alone and rejected, and you beg time to stop and it doesn't. It goes on, and you have to run through that awful turbulence to catch up to the people, the people who shun you and look down on you. The turbulence that got you behind in the first place keeps you down, keeps you behind, 'til all people and time move on without you, and you're left behind, staring off sadly.


Z.W., author of November, has had her share of turbulence. Z.W. hates turbulence, even though it helped her find herself in life. Z.W. wishes that no one had to have turbulence in their lives. Z.W. wants to banish turbulence.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, as they say. Somewhere.

Joe said...

A beautifully haunting piece, like Alice Hoffman if she wrote sixes. Very well done. Please write more!