Timeless Love Story

by Meera Kannan

Almost the entire city comes here to get parts of themselves paralyzed, and leaves with all-season, puzzling and final cut grins. Just like the one on my groomer’s face – I make out if it is a smile or smirk based on what I ask for. As I gazed around sitting next to my groomer, I could see a lot of glares pouring onto me – glad rags, well groomed ramp walker that I am. Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat as I saw the most handsome hunk next to the doc. A charmer, all-wrinkled, untouched and proudly so - a bang at the Botoxologist’s! God, please make that Pug this Shih Tzu’s forever!


Meera Kannan, a financial analyst, is as passionate about words as she is about numbers.