Sweet Jesus, Isn't This Enough?

by Joe Roche

In his dreams he’d be running towards places he didn’t recognize, surrounded by faces that he did, screaming at him that he couldn’t make it. They’d tell him that he’d failed already before he’d even really started, that he’d given up and that he’d lost. He’d try to reply but he couldn’t form the words; he’d been running for so long and he just wanted it to end. He’d sometimes stop and try to sit down but the faces wouldn’t let him. They’d begin cheering for him and patting him on the back. In the mornings, when he’d wake up, he’d feel a little better each time.


Joe Roche is a student at Kingston University in Surrey. Links to some of his writing can be found here.


Leatherdykeuk said...

An odd tale. First they deride and then encourage. That'll keep me thinking.

Madam Z said...

Sounds like trial by fire! I'm glad he doesn't accept the negatives and that he opens himself up to the positives.