Singular Girl

by xtx

I listen to everyone's conversations and pretend I'm not. I look at everyone in stolen sideways stares thankful I hadn't taken off my sunglasses. This eavesdropping is amusing and fills the time. Too bad nobody is talking about anything good like how they screwed their best friend's boyfriend while his other friend watched or spiteful mean shit about their newly acquired mother-in-law. Why do I get conversations that are about non-essential work topics, what happened on Fear Factor last night or are in Spanish? I really should find a cooler McDonald's.


xtx lives, loves, and languishes in Southern California. She has already broken all of her new year's resolutions and she thinks the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie was shit. She is the author of The Only Witness. Feel free to visit her blog.


The Beautiful Kind said...

Honey you need to hang out somewhere else besides McDonald's! Go hang out at some lesbian coffee shop or something. Then you'll overhear good juicy stuff like sperm donors, recovery, and discontent in the womyn's choir because someone is transgender and not 100% female.

xtx said...

i couldn't agree with you more.