Rose Tinted Spectacles

by Big Ev

Today is our official anniversary, though we have know each other longer, this is the date that we both agree on as the day we became a couple. Already I find it hard to imagine a future without her in it, as she is such a large part of my life. She has restored my faith in things I had thought taken from me for ever, such as honesty, integrity and compassion. I am constantly amazed by her devotion and by the fundamental grasp on reality that she has, saying and doing what she means, leaving no doubt as to how she feels. I am aware of how lucky I am but it gets better still, for she is truly beautiful and she has a body that fits mine to perfection. She tells me that I am still wearing rose tinted spectacles, but I do see her as she is for they were taken from me too, I love her for who she is and all that we will become.


Big Ev, a humble chimney sweep, lives in a small town on the scenically beautiful northwest Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland. He has plenty of life experience, more than most, though less than many. (There's always room for another adventure.) He's lucky enough to be loved and madly in love with another wannabe writer and already-published 6S author.