My Friend Danny

by Xavier Toby

Now we're nearly thirty and still friends. He gives me drugs for free. That's not the only reason we're friends but without them, I wouldn't make the effort. When I'm high I promise to pay him, but later he never asks. We often plan to hang out during the day, without the drugs, but that never happens. Maybe we're terrified it won't be any fun.


Xavier Toby is a journalist for an Australian newspaper, but would much rather be a full time writer.


Leatherdykeuk said...

I know too many people like this.

Well done indeed, to capture those smoky promises.

Anonymous said...

Sad but all to often true. Nice 6S Xavier.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Xavier.. these 6 sentences reveal 6 things about you
1. You consciously and deliberately use people for your own personal gain
2. You are cheap and after using your friends to get you drugs, you are also going to rip them off.
3. You are a liar that makes false promises
4. You are boring and don't know how to have fun without drugs
5. You are insecure about being boring
6. you are a try hard

Why would you call this story 'My Friend Danny' ? Hardly a friend. You need to reconsider how you treat people. I don't think you sound very nice

Too poor for a middle name said...

Xavier... I love these six sentences. We both know you're far from boring, you know how to have fun without drugs, and you're too talented to be a 'try hard'. After making me pay for everything last night you may be a little 'cheap' though. (kidding)

Looking forward to you reading me more of your work.

Astro Girl said...

I'd want to know what happens next...but I already read the full story. The work of a genius.