Like Life

by Tom Conally

Origami is one of my passions. It reminds me of life. A simple piece of paper folded into complex and convoluted patterns which are made to look like real objects such as a crane, an elephant, or a rabbit. Oh, so carefully folded, creased and nurtured then put on display sometimes privately, sometimes publicly for all to see and comment upon. Sometimes when in a hurry, the paper is misfolded and crumpled and discarded. Like life.


Tom Conally, author of Smoke Damage, has a picture gallery.


Leatherdykeuk said...

You make me want to learn the art.

reynolds said...

Agreed. Very interesting thoughts.

Anonymous said...

but... are they sentences?

oceana setaysha said...

I have thought of origami like this as well...
Wonderfully written!