January 7, 2008

by Scott Noe

i knew it was going to be a weird monday when i walked into the dark office, and without seeing much past my own knees, heard the carpet squishing and splashing beneath my steps. i turned off the alarm and turned on the overhead lights only to find the carpet had turned to a great sponge and a parade of white powdery cat prints covered every level surface in sight. coworkers started arriving, repeating "oh my god" as they went into each room, surveying the damage. my boss called me into the conference room and asked me to close the door. i thought she was going to tell me to take my computer and work from home so that repairmen and carpet layers could come in and fix the office. instead, she laid me off and sent me home.


Scott Noe tinkers with poetry, writing, songsmithing, and various forms of creative expression. His presence can be felt here.


Leatherdykeuk said...

That's what you get for breeding cats at your workplace, I suppose.

Rick Bylina said...

Getting laid off is a bitch, especially when it occurs on MY birthday.

about the nyloned avenger... said...

cats should never be allowed in the workplace. ever. their shit stinks. at least you have the best 'how i was laid off' story ever.