I'm Back, Baby!

by February 29th

Hey everybody! It’s me, February 29th! I’m the coolest day EVER, ‘cause I’m the rarest day ever! So... you guys miss me? Of course you did! And this year, that bitch March 1st can just kiss my ass and WAIT – I’m in town for the WHOLE DAY and I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE ‘til midnight!


February 29th, who gave birth to Ja Rule, will be back on 6S in 2012. Mark your calendar.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Hi there, February 29th. I've spent four years looking for you. Last time we met you convinced me to ask my then boyfriend to marry me. I, being young and naive, took your advice, bought a ring and went down on one knee. He accepted my proposal and made me the most miserable woman on earth. Now I've found you again.

Madam Z said...

Hey, February 29th! You're just a big sissy! You hide out for FOUR YEARS, scrabbling together a measly 1/2 hour a month until you have enough leftovers to call it a day. When it's over, you crawl off again, scared of your own shadow, because you know what's happening next. Yeah, Baby! I'm March 1st, I come in like a fucking LION and I'm going to KICK your sorry ass!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like March 1, doesn't stand a chance. (good stuff)

Jeanette Cheezum