by Crorey Lawton

After a day like this, his tie felt like a noose. Brad let himself in the back door of his house, deftly blocking the cat's daily escape run. "Not this time, Rascal." He leaned back against the closed door, and settled into the sadness that he left behind him every day on his way to work. Carol was gone, Carol was gone, Carol was gone, Carol was gone, Carol was gone... the words echoed without meaning in his mind. Friendly exterior finally discarded, he pressed his bulk away from the door and slumped through the house, to the empty table, to another cold tuna sandwich, to be shared with the cat now preceding him into the kitchen.


Crorey Lawton says praemonitus praemunitus.


BDM said...

As my father sometimes says, "a tie is just an upside-down noose."

Leatherdykeuk said...

I bet the cat was his ex's. He should get a dog.

Madam Z said...

"...his tie felt like a noose" is a chilly predictor. I agree with "leatherdkeuk." He should get a dog. The dog would run to greet him and fill a bit of the void that "Carol" left. Of course, this is just a story; and a good one, at that.