Closet Encounter

by Teresa Tumminello Brader

“Because we can kiss like that still, I’m taking you to a hotel,” Jay says to me, as I lean over him. We haven’t seen each other in years. Jay changes into a pair of khaki slacks and combs his hair. A record album revolves on a turntable. I try on a new blouse and skirt: one is too tight, the other too loose. Perhaps we can find a cozy niche in a remote closet instead.


Teresa Tumminello Brader, author of The Mexican Skirt, was born in New Orleans and lives in the area still. Her stories have appeared most recently in The Ranfurly Review and Octaves Magazine, and are forthcoming in 971 Menu and Debris Magazine.


Quin said...

oh, teresa... lus, um, love over 35, you've captured it.

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

Thanks, Quin -- as usual, you 'get' it!