by Ashlee Reynolds

The weather is cold, dreary as the bleak, grey skies spill heavy snow. People complain as kids wish for a snow day; they all groan as parents make their way to work, and their kids get ready for school. Everyone who loves winter is cheery and complacent; others hoping and wishing it would go away as they go through the day gloomily. The snow gets heavier; the roads gradually get slicker. All the kids cheer when schools close early; parents pick up their kids while the gripe and groan, because they had to leave work early. When they get home, the children run and laugh and play; they think of how great snow days are.


Ashlee Reynolds, author of Terrible Twos, currently resides in Pendleton, Oregon. She attends Blue Mountain Community College for Nursing. She is the proud mom of a little boy. She likes to spend her free time with her son, reading, and writing short stories and poetry.

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Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely. It makes me glad that i live in England where we have very little snow.