One Stop Shopping

by Donna Ekart

It seems almost crazy that no one stopped him, that some sort of warning bell didn't go off, because you could have boxed up the items he was buying and sold them as a kit. Too perfect, too B-movie to be true, but it was. Bullets for the gun - check. Road maps for parts west - check. Duct tape for her hands and mouth - check. One "Crazed Ex-Fiance Special" in checkout lane 8.


Donna Ekart, author of Play Date, is a librarian who really likes the sensation of words falling out of her head. She lives in Kansas, which isn't as flat or dull as you might think.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Insightful piece!

Madam Z said...

Oh my! He *is* a special ex-fiance!

Alone on the Isle said...

I can see myself happily checking this man out, ignorant to the damage and destruction this three-deep list was going to inflict. I loved it.

Baby Island said...

Um, Yikes...I still watch the street in front of my house for my ex's truck..

Nice writing but creepy as hell.