On Optics and the Ocean

by Mike Hawco

It's easier than anyone could think to see across the ocean. Simply sit atop the highest cliff on Signal Hill in the morning hours and stare out with all your will concentrated to the horizon. Soon after, and quicker than you would imagine, you will see around the curving of the Earth and catch sight of land on the other side of the sea. If you are lucky and in good weather, you will notice, seated atop the highest cliff in Brittany, someone staring back across the ocean at you. Your new Breton friend will wave across at you from 2500 miles away, and if you are in good spirits, you will wave back. Descending Signal Hill in your frostbitten car, you will most likely question the nature of existence and God, or perhaps why on Earth people pay 25 cents to look into a telescope when all one must do is concentrate with all one's will to the horizon.


Mike Hawco is a university student who lives on the island of Newfoundland.

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Leatherdykeuk said...

I really enjoyed that. Put that way it sounds so logical.