Mountain Waters

by Deborah K. Bundy

Rain masks the buildings across the avenue, turns the view into a place I once knew. Sable bristles swish in soft, cerulean blue curves, create a treasured sky, mystical mountains. The shapes of leafless trees fade fast into the paint, mark the miles between our touch. The illusion, so real, stills my hand, and I immerse myself, feel the coolness of the day on my skin and can almost smell... us. Outside my window I see the storm that fell on your misty hills yesterday has moved on, and realize I left you to paint, but my heart returns in order to create. Water runs like tears down the remembered mountains and I lay my brush down, finished.


Deborah K. Bundy, an artist and writer, lives in North Carolina with her husband, three horses, two dogs, and a barn cat. Her work has appeared in The Kansas City Star, The Tryon Daily Bulletin, the Kentucky Derby Magazine, Horse Canada, Chronicle of the Horse, and in several anthologies. Painted Black, a novel she is working on, received an award in the best mystery category at the Ozarks Creative Writer’s Conference. She has also received first place recognition from ByLine Magazine and the Ozarks Creative Writers Conference, and a second place award from the Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference. Deborah has a degree in Fine Art, and besides her love of art and good books, enjoys foxhunting and trail riding.


Leatherdykeuk said...

I can see longing there, and contented memory.

Linda said...

Ah... so lovely. Such yearning. Simply love the last line... Peace...

Kim said...

I agree -- lovely.
My favorite line:
"Sable bristles swish in soft, cerulean blue curves, create a treasured sky, mystical mountains. "

austere said...

Envied the sable and cerulean.

DeborahB said...

Hey All, Thanks so much for the compliments. You made my day!