Looking Back on 2007

by Clueless Cat

There was a rare night when I looked up and you were there, and I was happy and content. There were an even rarer few months when I let myself believe that we could be, and that I could let it happen. A week before you arrive, I'm not so sure anymore. I still miss you, all the time and a lot, like I told you. But I wish I hadn't. Sometimes, the dreams are better than the reality.


Clueless Cat, 23, has lived in England and on both coasts of the U.S. She currently resides in Hong Kong, works as a writer by day, and loves to curl up with her laptop at night (when she's not out drinking). She's currently hooked on blogging (at twentysomething and clueless), mostly about her quarterlife crisis.


austere said...

Liked how completely sparse this was.

Z.W. said...

its cute. i really enjoyed raeding it... :)

paisley said...

cat this was wonderful... i am so thrilled to find you here!!!!!

Clueless Cat said...

thanks guys! :)