Fashion Victim

by Samantha Entwistle

I fell down the stairs today, the third time in ten years in this house, not a bad average but not one I’m looking to improve on with age. Fortunately, the banister broke my fall down all fourteen steps and averted a nasty pre-Christmas tragedy. Just so you know, it wasn’t the stairs or me at fault, it was vanity. I have new friends who assure me that trousers are the thing to wear and, not wishing to shame my children by appearing to be boho without the chic, I’ve succumbed; a foot caught in the new trouser leg proved to be my downfall. My old friends are mildly alarmed, they’ve known me for twenty years or more and have endured my out of kilter fashion sense and clumsiness long enough to know it’s probably safer to stick with a style that works. My view is that being able to see my feet so I can keep them firmly on the ground is probably the best option.


Samantha Entwistle, author of Exercising Cake Control, is a firm believer in the power of witch hazel.


Leatherdykeuk said...


Nicely done.

Madam Z said...

Yeah, go ahead and be "boho without the chic." It's safer. And your kids will be proud of you anyway, because you're a good writer.