Experiments in Kissing

by Dawn Corrigan

We're sitting at the kitchen table having a conversation about kissing. Everyone is laughing at Vicky for kissing the air instead of planting one firmly on the face in a family kiss. Maryann theorizes it's impossible for both kissers to land on the face in a cheek-to-cheek kiss. One of them - let's call her the kissee - will always miss and wind up out in space. Testing procedures ensue and Maryann's theory is found to be correct. Then further refinements are added - an older sibling will always dominate a younger, for example, and get to the cheek first.


Dawn Corrigan's fiction and poetry have appeared recently or are forthcoming at The Smoking Poet, The Raging Face, Insolent Rudder, Steel City Review, and elsewhere. Her nonfiction appears regularly at The Nervous Breakdown.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Beautiful observation

Jp said...

Very interesting. Very well done.

Madam Z said...

I'm going to have to reserve judgement until I can try it out.