by Lissette Diaz

For once, I want it all out in the open; regardless of people judging me or me having to hear what anyone has to say. But I can't just do that because that would only remind me of that uneasiness that comes along with it. It'd bring to the surface that odd mixture of nostalgia and aggression that I try so hard to suppress. I hate that, that double dose of sentimentality that comes with being human. The emotional part, that part's just fine; I love emotions, the stronger they are the better. It's the soft, sweet mushy parts that I have a problem with.


Lissette Diaz is a native New Yorker, pet owner, art lover, and self-proclaimed solitude junkie.


James said...

"For once, I want it all out in the open; ... But I can't just do that ..." - You're doing pretty well there despite - or because of - your seeming contradictions :)

Madam Z said...

Let it out, Lissette. You have nothing to lose but your pride.

Joe said...

As writers, we are creatures of solitude, joined in a communal baring of our words and thus, emotions. You are in good company here, please feel free to share more of your story with us. Good job, Lissette.