by Jon Catron

No one cleans off my desk but me now, silence is my supper. She hasn't asked me about my promotion in two weeks. Or come to hold my hand. Dust collects, dulling, muting everything. And no one cares. Not even me.


Jon Catron is a misanthropologist from somewhere in the wilds of Western Civilization. He enjoys bedwetting and bloodletting, and is waiting patiently for the end of all existence. He has a dinner date, 10 minutes later. His other works can be found at MicroHorror and Magazine of the Dead.


Quin said...

dust is quite beautiful in it's own way...why bother it is my way of looking at it.

Kevin Michaels said...

You say a lot in a six sentences. It packs a nice punch in what is said, and in what you don't say.

Madam Z said...

Love will always lose. Dust will always win. Short, sad, sweet six, Jon, you misanthropologist, you.