Displaced Persons

by Anonymous 2

When he first saw her, it was from the side - she was beautiful in profile, but he was still invisible to her. Everyone else behind the camp's barbed wire felt invisible, too, but at that moment he felt a curious pang, a special kind of invisibility because she was beautiful in profile and he wanted to see her whole face and be seen by her. She turned to look at him, and even though she was too startled to speak, she saw him staring at her and knowing what that stare meant made her happy and brave and scared at the same time, so she let him approach as they locked eyes. She smiled and he tried to smile, and they made awkward small talk about their childhood because they didn't want to have to relive the rest of the story again, and finally there was a pause and she put her hand on his, so he kissed her and thank goodness she kissed back. The kiss was passionate, even aggressive because it was the first time in so long, and when she moved her hand to his cheek he began to cry, sobbing while she continued to kiss him and stroke his head - already bald even though he was only 25 - and she cried and he petted her hair and they held each other; he held on almost too tightly, but she understood and was grateful. She had a child with her, even her whole family, brothers and sisters and parents, while he had nothing because everyone was taken from him; she was real and he held onto her as he tried to quiet himself embarrassedly and she kissed away his tears.


Anonymous 2 does not really write fiction and does not wish to specify.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Powerful piece but no denouement?

Anonymous 2 said...

Thanks; on Seven Sentences, I could have added:

"They lived unhappily ever after."

Real life doesn't have denouements, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Very beautifully conveyed in such a limited space.
Touching, moving and so sad.

Madam Z said...

This is so raw, so intense, it brings back my seething anger at the monsters who perpetrated the holocaust. At the same time, I am awed by the courage and perseverance of those who were able to wrest some small moments of pleasure from the horror.