Daughter Discord

by Tara Lazar

My mother is a particular kind of woman - wealthy, but from humble beginnings; her family owned a masonry company and worked with their hands. I know she disapproves of my husband but for inane reasons; he said something to her in jest, she walked out on the twins' birthday party and they came tumbling down like bricks. She has no right deciding how we spend our money; my husband works hard to provide private schooling for the children and a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood. Someday I'll have my own catering business, once the kids are grown and I'm not so tired all the time. I stopped asking her to come because she refuses - when she's ready to apologize, I'm here. I sit and wait for her call.


Tara Lazar, author of Mother Misunderstanding, continues to write despite being awoken several times a night by a baby daughter who misunderstands the importance of sleep.

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