Cracks in the City

by Stephen Schweizer

I rode in a yellow medallion cab today. The driver didn't put on his seatbelt, and I followed his example. There is a logic to this negative practice. Short, sharp stops mean chronic pain with a seatbelt on. The pain of the city I already feel too often. I'll keep riding beltless, I think, until I can slip through the cracks without pain, sharp as a needle, flowing as a seam.


Stephen Schweizer is desperately trying to break into the writing profession while living in New York City.

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Linda said...

Oh Stephen... I want to take you on a country vacation, get you off those mean NYC streets. But here, in Baltimore, even though a public health professional by day, I fail to buckle up for the same reason, and feel the same hardness. Super 6S, nice to have you here... Peace