by Daniel Bailey

The universe expanded once more. At the time, I was lifting a forkful of noodles to my mouth, listening to pop country through my neighbor's wall. My body took no notice of the expansion, just kept ticking, but I knew it happened. I tried to put it aside, let it become one of those things that you just let go of, like a rope swinging over the edge of a lake. But the mind does things that cannot be explained. It's like I swung back from the edge of the water and collided with the tree.


Daniel Bailey lives in Muncie, Indiana. His work has or will appear in Word Riot, NOÖ Journal, SmokeLong, and other places. He blogs at Metaphysical Dick Touching.


Daniel Bailey said...

That should be NOÖ Journal (http://noojournal.com/). Not No Journal, which is another very excellent journal of writing. I have not been accepted or published by No Journal.

Robert McEvily said...

Correction made! (Okay, three months later, so I lose BIG TIME points for lateness...)

Thanks Daniel.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. The universe expands trillons of miles away and yet all that matters is putting that next forkful of noodle into your mouth. It's crazy when you think about all that goes on in the entire universe at any given time and sometimes the mind just can't stop thinking about it all. Nice work Daniel.