Self Help

by Lilytodd

Uncle John bought a rope and walked into a derelict building in the east of the city. It was that simple, no morality police, no guardian angels arrested him. He had showered, dressed in a suit and begged his doctor for help. Addiction was destroying him and he was bleeding dignity. The professionals later admitted being fooled by his fine attire, this was not a man on the brink. Children found him two days later, the rope had served its purpose well.


Lilytodd is an English teacher, mother, and aspiring freelance writer.


Madam Z said...

A sad story, well written. I especially like the title. Suicide is, ultimately, the most effective "self help."

Jp said...

All the worse because it easily could be true... here's hoping htat it isn't. On a dide note, being in a job that requires me to waer a suit all day, it's amazing how much clothes make a difference in how people wiill view you, and how many doors they can open.